About Us

Mistress and I met on a blind date over a year ago. She was tough and I could tell by looking back now that she had a Dominant personality but at the time I just saw a beautiful woman with so many interesting stories.

After many attempts she agreed to go out on another date with me, and then another, and then a year later we were still dating. I asked Mistress to move in with me, and she said “yes”.

But her “yes” was with conditions. She would move in with me and take the relationship to another level, if I would be her slave. She told me she always wanted a slave, but never had real experience with one. I would be her slave and be her test as well. She would learn to train me to meet her desires, and to serve her every wish.

I couldn’t help but to say “yes” to her condition, and say “yes” to wanting to serve Mistress as her submissive and slave.

She told me that my body would be hers to do whatever she wanted with, whenever she wanted. She would give me a makeover and teach me about style so that I would look exactly what she dreamed about. She said she would forcefully make sure that I get into shape to look like the shirtless athletes on the front of those men’s fitness magazines.

I would be required to be at her beckon call, fulfill her every dream and fantasy, and at the same time work hard to grow a business so that we could be Mistress and slave 24 hours a day and enjoy the finer things. If I did poorly, or incorrectly served her I would receive punishment that she deemed appropriate to correct my actions, just like a kid needs discipline. I would also be used for her amusement to laugh at, humiliate, and entertain. I would be whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted, for as long as she wanted.

After she said all of this, I smiled deeply inside, knowing that I would someday be the man that she always wanted, and in turn make her smile ear to ear and her heart flutter with proudness.

This website is our blog, photo diary, and video diary of our journey – learning the “ropes” day-to-day. We are both beginners in this lifestyle, but both have the desire to learn and make it work.

We both hope that you enjoy and participate by leaving comments, send us an email, or contribute to help us fulfill this fantasy to make it become the best reality.

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