Alpha Male Turned Sissy Sex Slave

Mistress asked me last night what makes me (who she called an alpha-male) so eager to please her and submit to her devious loving ways. I had to think for a minute, but it was clear to me immediately why. Although I never thought about it before, this is what I believe at the moment.

First, I can say that my cock gets so much harder when she is dominant towards me, or even when I think of her being dominant.  Although I hadn’t thought it through before, my brain must send signals throughout my body of excitement and arousal when she takes the dominant role. The other part is that I truly truly LOVE to see her smile. She has the most beautiful smile, but above that it really pleases me (to the state of arousal) to see her happy.

Throughout my life and every day I go through the world as an alpha male calling all the shots, making all the plans, being the #1 guy. Letting my body, mind, and soul attend to her every wish which not only relieves all that stress but mixed with the combination of making her happy just drives me over the edge.

Again, please note that I never thought about this before and it just seems natural to submit to her and to her only.

When she’s spanking me, biting my nipples, or biting my cock, you can see this smile come across her face and her eyes light up. Her pleasure overcomes any pain that I might feel when she does it – all I can think about it is that she’s enjoying it.

When she’s dressing me up in lingerie or slutty clothes like panties, thongs, miniskirts or stockings, the thought of turning me into a female or sissy male to humiliate me turns me on. Knowing that she can easily take away my alpha-maleness in a split second drives me insane that she has that much power over me. No one has ever had that type of power over me before.

When she makes me put in a butt plug, finger my own ass, or suck on her strap-on like a cock, the thought of her complete ability to take my manhood away drives me through the roof, in a good way.

Yes all of this is scary to me in some ways, but to show her that I am willing to do anything to make her happy, in turn makes me happy each time I comply. So yes, it might sound selfish to some people, but in the end both of us, Mistress and I, are happy.

The older I get, the kinkier I feel I want to be – it just feels right. I want to try it all at least once (OK not all, but a lot!) with her and to explore with no regrets but as a learning experience and to add another chapter to the book of our lives.

Things I thought I would never do before, I find myself doing for or even imagining doing along with Mistress. I never thought I would find myself trying on thongs for saleswomen at the store, holding another guys cock, being urinated on, being smothered by her pussy, having my cock bitten, sucking a strap-on, being humiliated by having to show my cock to her friends. But with Mistress I did these things, nervous, but I never asked any questions…I just did them to make her happy. She can use and abuse me as much as she wants, as long as she is smiling in her heart the whole time and is happy.

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