Mistress Texts Me At Work to Buy Butt Plug

Mistress texted me while I was at work today right before lunch, She told me because I bought the generic brand cereal that I was being a tight ass with the money and that she wanted to loosen me up. She told me (her adoring slave) to go find an adult toy store at lunch time and buy a butt plug to wear for the day to loosen my ass up. She had specific instructions for me with it:

Her instructions for me where to pick out a pink or purple butt plug and some anal lube, drive to the Walmart in town and use the bathroom there to insert it into my ass as deep as it would go and then go into Walmart and buy the proper cereal by asking random people for help finding it and then return to work for the day to give my presentation to the sales team. She would check when I got home if I had been wearing it or not. Her instructions of punishment and humiliation (you know, i kind of am realizing that I love being humiliated) turned me on and I had the largest hard-on getting ready to leave the office to go buy the butt plug that my khaki pants couldn’t hide the outline of my cock. I am sure someone noticed it in my office…yikes!

Unfortunately, there was an accident on the road and I couldn’t get to the adult toy store 🙁  on my lunch break. I had to text Mistress and let her know that her slave boy couldnt fulfill her orders.

When I got home, Mistress had picked out an interesting butt plug she wanted me to order. It is from KoalaSwim (and it’s only $29). It’s made of steel and wraps around your cock like a cock-ring and then inserts into your ass with a little ball at the end. This way it wont slip-out of my ass, and she can have me wear it when we go out dancing out wherever.

Check out the photos of it below from their website. I am looking forward to getting this butt plug – I really am!

cockring butt plug 1

cock ring butt plug 2


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