Preparing For Mistress to Come Home From Work

Today while Mistress Sheenrai is at work I have done many tasks without her asking so that she will be happy when she gets home:

  1. Spray cleaned and vacuumed the carpet to get up any dirt and stains
  2. Washed the counters and cleaned the stove
  3. Did laundry and folded the clothes
  4. Cleaned the bath and toilet
  5. Went grocery shopping
  6. Vacuumed and cleaned the car
  7. Paid the bills
  8. Bought her vanilla vodka
  9. Texted her that I loved her
  10. Found and bookmarked hentai clips online for her to watch
  11. Bought more batteries for her vibrator
  12. Bought her Acetone for her nails

I plan to give her a milk bath for her skin tonight, have rice prepared, and chop the pineapple up for her which I will feed her while she is watching her movies.

I will also be shaving my head and my pubic area for presentation to her tonight. She likes to feel my shaved head and tug hard on my cock randomly, but if there is hair on either she gets very upset and wont talk to me.

I can’t wait for her to get home, she will be so proud of me. I look forward to being able to serve her this evening after her hard day of work and make her evening relaxed.

I think I forgot to mention that last week she allowed me to have sex with her, after she had 2 orgams she spanked me so hard that while she was spanking me I actually cum all over the place including on my face.

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