Mistress Takes Her Male Slave Lingerie Shopping

Dear my shimobe,

This morning you did a good job. This morning you were awake already and prepared my favorite coffee and you made breakfast ready. I could smell it from where I lied down and I was pleased my dear shimobe. The one thing that my shimobe didnt know is that I am excited to humiliate him infront of different people. Last night I saw some sexy lingerie online and it came to my mind that its time for my slave to wear something sexy like my slave slut for my own satisfaction. I was imagining my slutty obedient shimobe in those fishnest stockings,g-strings, sexy slutty lingerie, corsets, baby dolls lingerie, french maids outfit to wear when he does household chores.

For everyone to know, today we went to the mall and went shopping. We were at the  lingerie section. I pick some sexy g-strings with different colors, corsets lingerie and baby dolls. My shimobe thought that I am gonna try those sexy lingerie but when I ask my slave to put in on he was surprised. Oh I was amused by the way his face got all red. It makes me even more excited because I know my slave cant say no to his Mistress. I am gonna dress him up like a helpless slut for my own satisfaction.

First I let him try the pink halter teddy. Its made of lace, like a one piece bathing suit, which has a v-shape open in the front. I love the color pink but I dont think the color pink looks good on my shimobe. I am not happy, it looks ugly on him. His skin looks so pale so I ask the sales woman to help me decide. I told the sales woman that she is gonna help me decide because I am looking for the most sluttiest outfit for him.

When the sales woman saw my slave,she wanted to laugh and she pretended to be calm. The sales woman face got red which makes me even more excited ha,ha ha.

So I asked the second sales woman to find me a suitable lingerie for my shimobe. Oh and I asked her she can laugh if she wants too which she did before she left to find the lingerie. This fun for me, I am so excited deep within so I asked another sales woman to find me a stockings. I told her different styles and colors, especially thigh high and fishnets. Well ofcourse she though it was for me ;-), ” Oh I cant wait for her to come back”.

While my shimobe waits obediently inside the dressing room, the first sales woman came with three different kind of lingerie. The 1st one was a blue color babydoll style, with one bow in between the chest. The second one was a white color corset and the third one was a black corset which you can tie at the back. So I let my shimobe try the babydoll lingerie first and I told him to put on the black g-string so that the sales woman can see his ass. When the first sales woman turn red and laugh when she saw him in the babydoll lingerie. She said he doesnt looks good in that babydoll outfit and looks like pregnant. I am even pleased to see that my shimobes cock was so hard doing this to please me. His cock looks very hard underneath that black g-string.

When the second sales woman came with the stocking, I let her see the white corset on my slave and the sales womans face got red put her hand on her mouth and said “I am sorry.” I told her its allright to laugh and after she heard what I said she just just started to laugh really hard. She told me she never seen a man dress like that before infront of her. So I told her that I am gonna let him wear those stocking you pick too.

So I pick the black corset and a black fishnet thigh high for my shimobe coz he looks slutty and black looks good on his pale skin. I called the two sales woman together and ask them if he looks good in the black corset and black thigh high fishnet and both of them said yes. I ask my shimobe to turn around and show his ass for them and the two sales woman kind of shy but eager to watch him which makes me excited deep within. The two sales woman didnt leave right away they kind of enjoying the show themselves. They can see how hard his dick underneath that black thong.

They told me that they are willing to assist us next time we go slutty slave clothes shopping.

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