Slave Tells Mistress His Dream

Mistress Sheenarei,
I had a dream last night, and it went like this…

I came home from a long day of work, it was a Friday, and about 6:30 pm. I called you as I pulled into the driveway to tell you I was home as you always ask me to do. I walked up the stairs to the house and as I was putting the key in the door, you pulled it open. You then pushed me to the side, closed the door and told me not to step in any further.

You then told me to take off all my clothes right there and to stand up straight with my legs spread wide. You grabbed my cock and balls and put a penis collar with a leash attached to it on it. You then blindfolded me and turned and started to walk away. Of course the leash was in your hand and when you got about 2 feet away I couldn’t stand still anymore as my cock was being tugged so hard. So I followed you. As you turned the corner, I bumped into the wall and then got my bearings and made it around the corner OK.

We were in the living room and I knew this because it was the room to the left after the front hallway. You told me to stand still and pulled the leash tight so that it kept tugging on my cock, back and forth, but you told me not to move or else. Somehow, and I was not sure how, you were able to pull on the leash back and forth so that it kept pulling my cock, but at the same time spank my ass with your bare hand. You kept saying to me that if I moved my feet I would be punished. You also told me that the spankings were for not working hard enough at work during the week and that I need to work harder if I want to be a superstar.

As you tugged on the penis leash, spanked my bare ass, you were somehow able to pinch my nipples which you know always makes me rock hard.

This went on for almost a half-hour- spanking, pulling, and nipple pinching. And then you said to take my blindfold off. Once I took my blindfold off, I turned red. I couldn’t believe it. You were not the one tugging on my leash, but instead one of your friends was standing in front of me with a big grin on her face. She was pulling on the leash while you switch back and forth from spanking my ass and pinching my nipples.

You laughed a big laugh, knowing that I was so embarrassed to be standing naked in front of your friend, and that my naked body and penis was on display, not to mention the fact that she knew that I was your slave. You then said that you told her and she didn’t believe you so you wanted to show her what a loyal and obedient slave you had trained.

You then told me to lie on the floor on my back and jerk off so that both of you could see me do it. I was hesitant, and you screamed “now, SLUT….don’t make me tell you again, stroke that cock NOW”.

As I started to stroke my cock, you told you friend to take off her panties and stuff them in my mouth. As she did that you started to rub your feet all over my face, laughing loud, just like your friend laughed.

As my body started to twitch because I was about to cum, you had me stop and made me give you a foot and leg massage while you and your friend had a cup of tea and talked about “girly things”, and then after 20 minutes you commanded me to suck your toes.

After you stopped me sucking your toes you had me get on all fours, with my ass in the air and you then reached under me and milked my cock and squeezed my balls at the same time until I came hard into the bowl you had on the floor under my penis.

After I came, you told your friend “See, I told you I own him, maybe someday I will let you borrow him for the afternoon, hahahaha”.

You told me to that I knew what to do with the bowl full of cum, and to take care of it. So I got up, with my head down to show respect and walked out of the room, with my penis leash dragging behind me. Ashamed of what your friend saw of me and how she saw you humiliate me (honestly I was excited deep down inside), but full of happiness and love that you wanted to show me off.

And that was my dream that I wanted to share with you Mistress. I hope you enjoyed..

Your slave,

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