Tongue Cleaning of my Asian Mistress’ Ass When She Comes Home

My Beautiful Asian Mistress is away for one more week. I can’t wait until she comes home in 5 days. Its been a whole 2 weeks she has been gone.

She already has told me that when she gets home and walks through the door that I will have to show her how much I missed her by the number of licks I give her ass. My tongue is to replace my heart and for each heartbeat that I had while my Asian Mistress was away I need to stick my tongue deep in her ass and show her my love. She said she expects nothing less than 20 minutes of a good tongue cleaning of her beautiful Mistress ass.

Then when I am done, I will massage her feet and lick and suck on her beautiful toes so that she can relax to the fullest.

I cannot wait until Mistress gets back home,  I miss her so very much. My tongue is out and waiting for You!

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