Locked in Hotel Hallway Naked on Vacation

I just got back from a nice week long week vacation in NYC with my beautiful Asian Mistress Sheenarei. We had lots of quality time and fun and my beautiful goddess I think enjoyed it ever so much.

I knew I was in for an interesting weekend shortly after our arrival. We stayed at the Helmsley hotel near Grand Central and arrived at about 11am. They had an open room ready for us and so we were able to check in early and get into our room.

When we got into the room, Mistress commanded me to strip naked and wrap just a bath towel around my waist. We then chatted for a couple minutes when she asked me if I could peak outside the door to see if the maids were on our floor cleaning the rooms. I agreed and as I opened the door to look out, I leaned out and she pushed me out and grabbed my towel. The towel was caught in the door but the door was locked. I couldn’t open it back up.

I was standing in the hallway completely naked with just the towel hanging out the door. The maids were on the floor cleaning but not in the hall, they were inside a room. I was knocking on the door and begging Mistress Sheenarei to let me back in. She was laughing uncontrollably and told me the only way I would get back in was to ask the maid to open the door. I was so completely embarassed, nervous, and shy.

Mistress told me the through the door that for every 10 seconds that it took me to get back into the room she was going to spank my ass hard with her belt for wasting her vacation time.

After about a minute I decided I had no choice but to find and ask a maid to open the door. So far, no one else had walked down our hallway. I saw a door that was open and the maid cart in front of it. Just as I approached the door the maid came out and yelled in shock. I told her that I was reaching out the door and fell and my towel got caught in the door and that I need her to open my room up. She glanced up and down me a few times and agreed while laughing at the situation (or laughing at me, not sure which). I asked her for a towel and she said she couldn’t give me one because there was just enough for each room and she would have to go back to get just one more. Not sure if I believed her, but I didn’t have time to argue as the clock was ticking on my spankings.

We walked around the corner to my room just as a group of 5 or 6 college age kids came down the hall and started laughing so hard at me. I cared but I didn’t care, I just wanted to get back inside the room. The maid opened my door and when she opened it she saw my beautiful Asian Goddess inside wearing what was obviously a leather fetish outfit. The maid glanced back at me, laughed, said “enjoy your stay”. As she closed the door, Mistress said “do you want to watch him get spanked for being so stupid and locking himself out”. The maid didn’t hear it luckily, and just Mistress and I were left alone the room with me just wondering what was coming next.

This is when I knew our weekend was going to be very interesting, for Mistress’ pleasure and enjoyment I do live.

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