My 4 Month Punishment is Over

My 4 month punishment of no internet is finally over. I was punished for dropping and breaking a glass family heirloom when we moved, and then lying about it (the lying to Mistress is what got me in trouble, the breaking of the heirloom was met with 5 days of 100 hard bare handed spanks per day, 50 before work and 50 right when I got home).

I thank my sweet beautiful Asian Mistress Sheenarei for giving me the time to reflect on what I did and why I should never lie to her. I know in my heart she was only doing what was best for me to teach me that lying to her is a horrible thing to do and that liars cannot be trusted.

It actually was just a bit over 4 months, as on the 4 month mark I was allowed to call and make an appointment to get the internet installed and they finally came to day to turn it on and deliver our modem.

I can definitely say I learned my lesson and I am so happy to have the internet back on and be in the good graces of my Goddess again!

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