A Mistress and slave Christmas

Mistress was home for Christmas but she had to travel on the 25th so we actually celebrated it a couple days before hand.

Mistress got me a lot of nice presents this year:

  • A new Dog collar and leather leash
  • A Dog Bowl to eat out of that says SLUT on it
  • Mesh Thongs
  • Mesh front Jockstraps
  • >

  • An 8″ inch dildo for me to practice blow jobs on
  • A prostate massage toy for her to use on me
  • Nipple clamps
  • Cologne

I got Mistress some silk robes, some clothes, miscellaneous items and a travel vibrator that she can easily take with her and conspicuously hide in her suitcase on her travels.

We spent a lot of time together while she was home, and many times while we watched movies she stroked my cock over and over again but never let me come. The orgasm denial just kept building and building over a whole week until she finally allowed me to cum.

But when she did allow me to cum, I had to cum over all a steak she made me and then eat the entire cum covered steak. It seemed like I had cum so much that the steak was drenched in my slave cum. Mistress laughed the whole time.

She attached the nipple clamps a couple times to me, and was tugging them very hard.She would pull them off and then bite my nipples really hard, and then put them back on. It was hard for me to not say “stop”, which I never did, but the look of pleasure on her face from doing it was amazing.

When she comes back from her travels she told me that she will be using the clamps on my cock and biting it at the same time.

I wish Mistress could have stayed on actual Christmas day so that I could have pampered her more like she deserved and gave her many more massages that she loves so much.

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