The Butt Plug,the Male Slave, Anal Lube and the Photos

Asian Mistress Sheenarei’s new job has her traveling a lot. Because of this, she mentioned she would be emailing or texting me descriptions of photos that she wants me to take and send to her on the road to her phone so that I remember that she is always in control of me, her male slave, no matter where in the world she is.

I got home from work tonight and saw these along with a sticky note on the counter.

male slave butt plug ordered by mistress

It’s a butt plug, some lube, and a note that says “Lube up & send photo Bitch”. I am guessing that Mistress wants me to send her pictures of me with the butt plug inserted into my ass.

Stay tuned as I get ready to insert and take photos for my wonderful Asian Domme.

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