Mistress Asian Sheenarei has Allowed Me Back as Her Slave

You might have noticed there have been no posts recently from either of us. Mistress Asian Sheenerei had decided to move on and let me go, but she has asked me back. I am happy than ever now and can’t even begin to explain the feeling of completeness I have again now that she is back in my life.

We are going to see each other this weekend and by mid-December we will be moving back in together to live as Mistress and slave for what I hope is eternity.

Her first command of me is to start learning Japanese, so I went out and bought a series of basic Japanese language CD’s that I will listen to on my commute to work each day. She plans on giving me daily quizzes on my lessons and Japanese Mistress style punishment for wrong answers (not sure what this means, but I will find out I am sure unless I find learning Japanese to be easy).
We will both start posting regularly again, and look forward to hearing from everyone that writes us.

Mistress Asian Sheenarei and her white slave

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