Mistress Leaves for 6 Weeks With Chastity Belt Key

My beautiful Asian Mistress Sheenrei has been gone for 3 weeks already, and will be gone for another 3 weeks. I miss her so and can’t wait for her to get back.

On the evening she left for her trip and after I carried her bags out to her car, she called me over to the drivers side window and had me unzip my pants and placed the chastity belt on me. I begged her no, but she wouldn’t hear of it. She locked it, laughed, pinched my nipple really hard and held up the key and then dropped it into the coin holder in her car. Her last words to me were “enjoy your blueballs”. She then drove off and I could see her laughing until she was out of sight.

When I went inside the house, I thought about going onto the internet to see if there was a way to unlock it. On my computer was a sticky note that she left me a message on which said that she changed the password on the computer so that I couldn’t go on it.(Just today she sent me a text message with the password so that I could post a message to our blog and update everyone on our absence, Hooray!!!).

So far, every day of the these 3 weeks she has sent me text pictures of her doing all sorts of explicitly naughty things with messages like “bet you wish you were here” or “how do those balls feel” or “how’s my cockless slave”.

She also left me an exercise routine for both the morning and night for 6 days a week, she said that I better lose 20lbs by the time she gets back or that the chastity belt will stay on for another 2 weeks and I wont be able to relieve all that cum and pressure built up in my balls. So far, I have adhered to the twice a day slave exercise schedule, but for starters it’s not easy working out with a chastity belt on, or with the strong desire to cum so bad.

I cant wait for my gorgeous and smart Asian Mistress to come back home to me her lowly and loving white male slave.

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