Mistress Has a Slave Crossdressing Humiliation Dream Part 2

When we got home at the bar that night, I had so much fun watchin my shimobe being like a helpless slut infront of everyone at the bar. When we got home I started to put a blindfold on my slave and tie his both hands helplessly. I told him to bend over with his head on the floor. My plan is to toy and penetrate his ass with a big huge dildo. I started rubbing his ass slowly with my hands and as i am doing it, my slaves cock got hard. I spank it continuously until I see the red marks on his butt checks then rub it slowly and feel the red marks on his butt cheeks. I tickled his balls with a feather for a little break and rub his butt cheeks slowly to make his cock hard. I pinch both of his nipple because i know that it gives him pain of ecstasy at the same time. He moaned with pleasure and it gives me more excitement as i do it.While I pinch his right nipple really hard I asked my Shimobe “Who is your one and only Goddess?”he answered only you my Goddess with a helpless voice. “Who will you obey and pleased?”and my Shimobe answerd ‘Only you Goddess”.

After he answerd that I started to put a lube on the big huge cock toy in my hand and rub on his butt cheeks,on his balls then on his ass hole. Then I stick the the cock toy on his ass hole slowly while I heard him moaned with ecstasy and pain. I penetrated his ass with amusement and I started to grab his dick with my left hand while I fuck his ass hard and it gives him more pain at the same time pleasure coz im stroking his cock at the same time…I put my strap on and fuck him harder. I took the tie on his hand let him bend over on the bed. I start to pinch his left nipple while my other hand on his cock..I started to put effort to pinch his nipple harder at the same time fucking his cock. I let him stroke his cock since he was begging to cum and cant take it anymore. It didnt last long when I let him do that after 3 mins my slave just started shooting his cum all over with ecstasy.

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