Mistress Rules for her slave on a Recent Saturday

Here is an almost play by play of how a recent Saturday went for Mistress and I, her slave.

Mistress Rules for her slave on a Recent Saturday

1.      Get up at 7:00 am and brew coffee for her and prepare her a drink.

2.      Clean the toilet before she has to use it in the early morning.

3.      Prepare her slippers and robe before she gets up.

4.      Wake her up at 7:30 am

5.      Put her slippers on and her robe as well.

6.      Walk her to the bathroom

7.      After she uses the toilet, wipe and wash her pussy clean

8.      Turn the sink on for her to wash her hands and put soap on her hands

9.      Hand her a towel after she washes her face in the morning.

10.  Comb her hair

11.  Ask her what she would like for breakfast and then go into kitchen and prepare breakfast.

12.  Put on an apron while I cook. When at home I have have to wear a black shirt and black underwear.

13.  Serve her breakfast and attend to her needs.

14.  Brew and then serve her tea after breakfast.

15.  Gather all the clothes and do the laundry

16.  While laundry is washing clean the bathroom and scrub the floor.

17.  Vacuum and clean the dust around the house

18.  Scrub the kitchen sink so there are no marks on the stainless steel, she prefers everything to be clean.

19.  Clean the refrigerator and tidy things inside – everything arranged with label facing forward and by type of food.

20.  In between while I do my chores ask my Goddess if she needs anything.

21.  Clean and polish her shoes.

22.  Prepare a grocery list

23.  Fold the laundry

24.  Go to grocery store and purchase food, come home and put away

25.  Since I can’t cook to her pleasure, Mistress cooks but I have to be there by her side to assist her for whatever she wants me to do.

26.  Ask questions so I know how to cook healthy everyday because of her.

27.  After lunch I wash the dishes.

28.  Give her a pedicure and then a manicure. Before I do that I have to exfoliate her feet.

29.  Give her a foot and leg massage by using my hands then my tongue.

30.  Go to closet and put on my collar and bring my leash to her to put on me and be a puppy dog for her. I can’t talk when she wants me to be her puppy dog.

31.  She rides around on my back. She then trains me to play tricks like sit, stand, wait, fetch items and my leash.

32.  She makes me her footstool for a while.

33.  She relaxes and I lie down beside her as her puppy dog.

34.  Scrub and clean the tub to prepare her bath, with candle light and light music. If possible I  have to prepare the hot tub with rose petals floating.

35.  Be sure to prepare her white towel.

36.  I have to wash her body and scrub it gently.

37.  Dry her body and put lotion.

38.  While she is in the tub I have to prepare the oil massage and a cold drink.

39.  After that I put on my apron and help her prepare the dinner.

40.  .Massage her whole body with my tongue and after that massage it with oil.

41.  Get the bed ready. Place a water on her bedside. Ask her if she wants me to read a book for her. Comb her long hair. Take off her robe and fold it properly.

42.  Go to sleep on the floor.

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