Slave Gets A Cigar Punishment from Mistress

I love having a couple small cigars on weekends. The cheap cigars that you buy at the gas station that you get a couple of them for $2 or so. I usually will have them when drinking a martini or when we go out at night to a club or bar.

Mistress hates it when I smoke cigars. But she was kind enough to make me an offer that in exchange for each one that I smoke, I will receive a punishment for. So it’s up to me, her slave, to determine how many I will smoke knowing that for each one I will receive a punishment.


The deal Mistress set up with me was that for each cigar I smoke I get 15 hard spankings. On a typical Saturday I will smoke 3 cigars, and that would amount to 45-60 hard spankings. And it will be her choice if she waits until Sunday night to give them all to me, or to give them to me after each cigar, or at the end of the night.

Mistress has been fair in allowing me this choice of cigar vs. punishment, and I thank her for her fairness and openness.

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