Mistress Has a Slave Crossdressing Humiliation Dream

I had a dream that I want to make reality…..That night I feel so excited that I trained my Shimobe for crossdressing. I was so bored and I want him to entertain me and be my slut toy. So I told my slave to strip naked then one thing he didnt know that I am planning to shave the hair all over his body by using a ……..the one that hurts when you pull the hair and I know he dont like it but he cant do anything about it. So after he endured the pain, I can see his white pale skin in red. I told my slave that he had to bear the pain to be beautiful thats the first lesson he learnd.

I showed him how to put on his nude color thigh high stockings perfectly then I had him put on his black three inches hight heels. I told him to put on his black thong too.

Then I let him sit infront of the dresser so that I can show him how to put on his make up.

First I put some eye liner on his right eye, since its his first time, he got teary eyes and he said it hurts. It makes me smile when I heard him say ouch…ouch. I told him to try the left eye for himself, how I love to watch him put the eye liner with a teary eyes haa,haa.

Then I draw an eye brows on both eyes but I am not happy since his eye brows are not pluck so I started plucking his eyes brows while he beg me to stop since it hurts, well ofcourse it didnt stop me since I love to hear him beg and cry. I told my slave that this is what he need to endure in order to be beautiful. I told my slave to stop crying so that I can put his foundation on, after I finished putting his foundation on, I put some red lipsstick on.

I told him to stand up so that he can look his whole image in the mirror. I told him to turn around and do fashion show like a slut while I watch my shimobe with amusement. I told my slave to put on a short black  tight one piece dress that I had one ready for him to wear and last i had a long wig ready for him to put on too. Then the one thing that surprised him most is that I told him lets go  out and  get some drinks at the local sports bar wearing that outfit……….

Part II to come of my slave crossdressing dream …..and then the real life story

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