Tongue Cleaning of my Asian Mistress’ Ass When She Comes Home

My Beautiful Asian Mistress is away for one more week. I can’t wait until she comes home in 5 days. Its been a whole 2 weeks she has been gone.

She already has told me that when she gets home and walks through the door that I will have to show her how much I missed her by the number of licks I give her ass. My tongue is to replace my heart and for each heartbeat that I had while my Asian Mistress was away I need to stick my tongue deep in her ass and show her my love. She said she expects nothing less than 20 minutes of a good tongue cleaning of her beautiful Mistress ass. Continue reading

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Locked in Hotel Hallway Naked on Vacation

I just got back from a nice week long week vacation in NYC with my beautiful Asian Mistress Sheenarei. We had lots of quality time and fun and my beautiful goddess I think enjoyed it ever so much.

I knew I was in for an interesting weekend shortly after our arrival. We stayed at the Helmsley hotel near Grand Central and arrived at about 11am. They had an open room ready for us and so we were able to check in early and get into our room. Continue reading

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